Lean Startups in Higher Education

We are starting to look at starting some new program offering at my university. We are using the concept of lean startups, as shared by Eric Ries. It is definitely a paradigm shift from how we have approached program design in the past. This article is an interesting interview with Ries that shares some of his thoughts on how to use his lean startup method in higher education.


lean startup

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Copyright and Intellectual Properties Rights in Digital Learning

A recent Inside Higher Ed article by Doug Lederman, The Pulse: Copyright in Online Education, provided an excellent link to a Rod’s Pulse Podcast concerning copyrighting associated with online education.

With the rapid of growth in online learning teaching and learning opportunities education institutions, faculty, and students need to be cognizant of the copyright and intellectual properties rights of material posted on the Internet and in digital classrooms.

The direct link to the podcast is: http://www.rodspulsepodcast.com/



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Addressing Teachers Concerns about Online Learning – Education Next : Education Next

As we transition to new new teaching and learning pedagogy and andragogy online and blended learning teaching and learning skills are essential to 21st century educators and students. Click on the title below to review an intere s ting article on online and blended teaching and learning.

Addressing Teachers Concerns about Online Learning – Education Next : Education Next.



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Credit/Seat-time vs. Competency-based Credits

As our university begins a university-wide assessment of our seat-time compliance for credit hours in all our courses, the education landscape continues to consider changes to assess a student’s competency of a subject matter instead of how much seat-time the student may have had for a specific subject/course.

This article, “More Cracks in the Credit Hour” provides an interesting overview to the changes that may begin to take place if the education regulators and federal loan grantors begin to consider alternatives to the current Carnegie unit method of assessing a students subject competency.

My thought is that if a student can demonstrate her/his competency of a subject by various learning outcome assessments, that this would be more valuable to the student in gaining knowledge and retaining knowledge then requiring a student to have enough seat-time and learning outcomes to prove she/he has gained the requite knowledge of a particular subject. Higher education has been using subject-based proficiency examinations for may years through CLEP and DSST examinations.

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Teaching with Twitter

I found this article to be a very interesting method of teaching using Twitter. I have used a similar techniques of limiting my students to only a certain number of characters when creating an “elevator speech.” An elevator speech is a brief description of who you are and/or what you represent that can be shared in a very short period of time, such as in an elevator ride, that provides the listener with a good sense of who you or your product is and why it might be valuable to the listener.


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MOOC’s Take a Major Step Toward College Credit – Technology – The Chronicle of Higher Education


An interesting article that discusses the next step for the use of MOOCs in higher education.

As stated by one of the people interviewed in this article, MOOC credits will be similar to high school graduates who enter college with AP credits.

Additional interesting comments are related to MOOCs being part of the “flipped classroom” by using MOOCs as the lecture part of the course, online, and the face to face classroom would be for discussions and group activities.

This article also suggests that MOOCs may, in some cases, may replace textbooks.

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MOOCs and the future of Education

This article from the Inside Education discussed how colleges can work collaboratively with the MOOC courses and provide a pathway for students to earn accredited credits towards an associates and/or bachelors degree. Colleges using MOOC courses for awarding credit can also improve their retention and graduation rates, according to this article.


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