Prior Learning for College Credit

In an earlier blog post, “Getting College Credit from MOOC’s” I linked an article, “Making It Count,” to the blog sharing how MOOCs are increasing the availability of free courses for students that could eventually lead to college credit. Currently I refer students to MOOC courses to prepare them for the competency examinations they may be taking for prior learning through DANTES or CLEP tests.

In his article from Inside Higher Ed , Paul Fain reflects on prior learning assessment and the awarding of credit for prior, non-college course, knowledge. His article also provides links to a series of videos that Melanie Booth and her colleagues at Marylhurst University have done with a series of video interviews from students attending Marylhurst University.

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Inside Higher Ed


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I am David San Filippo. I am an educator and consultant in the fields of business and human science. My business expertise are in the areas of leadership, ethics, vocational consulting, and Social Security Disability representation. My human science areas of expertise and interest are interpersonal communication, ethics, loss & bereavement, human consciousness, death & dying, and near-death experiences.
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